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Free Cafe / Restaurant Profits Workshop with Restaurant Marketing Expert, Howard Tinker

I know it's a challenging time in the industry right now so I thought I would give you a TIP about something that could really accelerate your profits!  
I recently came across a guy called Howard Tinker, who is helping hundreds of restaurant and cafe owners to increase their profits through smart marketing.  He doesn't use daily deals or any kind of tactics that cost owners, just very clever strategies that work - and make big profits.  
I told him about my book and he kindly said I could invite people who had bought it to attend one of his workshops for free. There really isn't anything in this for me I just wanted to offer you more support if you needed it.  
If you are interested, there's a website about Howard's next workshop here: 
http://restaurantprofitology.com its in Sydney in a couple of weeks.  
Howard also has a book you might want to check out too:
Good luck, I look forward to hearing about your successes.
Kind regards,


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