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Cafe Design - Oliver Brown at Top Ryde City

Chocolate Cafe Oliver Brown has now opened at Top Ryde City. I had a look at it last weekend and I liked the design. Most of all I like the fact that the style and branding runs through everything in the cafe - the signage, cups, chocolates and the furniture - it all fits together nicely.

The fact that they don't seem to have a working website is a strange matter, but we'll give them some time to fix that up...





How to Sell More Takeaway Food

The following photos show how to get takeaway right. It's not rocket science.

Here's how to do it:

  • Pack your displays full (stock sells stock!)
  • Provide a good range
  • Don't provide too big a range (reduces wastage)
  • Make it beautiful (look at those salads - appetising, eh?)
  • Use interesting, quality products
  • Be different - not the same old ham and cheese sandwich
  • Label everything clearly - description & price
  • Serve customers quickly - that's why they are getting takeaway!




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